Our second baby born to CRW Wine & Equine is Kronos. He was foaled on March 14, 2018. Kronos’s sire is RWC Joe Fabulous, and his dam is Miss Bubilicious AKA Claret, our mare. Kronos resembles his sire with his chestnut color, unlike his coal-black mare, which is not seen in his coloring. He has great confirmation and is now broke to ride and drive, and we are looking forward to his progress.We named him “CRW Unrestrained” after a wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon from the O’Brien Estate Vineyard in the Oak Knoll AVA district of Napa. His barn name is Kronos after Corison Winery owned by Cathy Corison in Napa. Her Kronos Block of 6 acres produces fruit from vines that were planted in 1972. Her fruit produces an amazingly structured wine with intense tannic flavors.