Our first filly was born next, being named Elivette. Her foaling date was April 29, 2018. Her sire is RWC “Joe Fabulous,” and her dam is our own “You’re Looking Swell Dolly,” known as Dolly at our barn. Dolly was the mother also the mother of Titus. Elivette has been trained to ride and drive as a two-year-old. Like her half-brother Kronos, she resembles her sire RWC “Joe Fabulous” in color and markings with little resemblance to her bay colored dam Dolly. We look forward to showing her this season and seeing her success.

Her registered name is “CRW Elivette” with her barn name being Elivette. Elivette comes from the Spring Mountain Vineyard and their Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Elivette. Built in the 1850s, Spring Mountain Vineyard has become a historic vineyard in the history of Napa. One of the original houses on the property was used for the television series Falcon Crest during the 1980s.